May 10, 2008

What You've Missed

Okay then... I have located the cord to connect the cell to the computer. I will now tell you the long tale of what I was up to during our time apart.

Remember this?

Here's what it looked like all packed and ready to go:Notice Hubby has a Timmy's*.

I was dressed in my housefrau best:
Notice I also have a Timmy's*.



Later that day I paid some more attention to personal hygiene and style to meet a few friends for a goodbye lunch.
My Timmy's* is gone... but it is not to worry. I shall have a blueberry ale at the restaurant.

Our move complete, we headed to our childhood hometown (about an hour away) to visit with our families before heading to our new home province.

We visited with my parents.
Where Monkey fell asleep on the floor in their T.V. room.

We went for a walk in the park.
Where to boys pretended to fish in the brook.
And I got upset when their shoes got muddy because we were on our way to...

Visit my brother.

Where the men cooked meat in the great outdoors (in the great tradition of men... and Canadians).
Blah, blah, blah... guy talk, tough stuff, testosterone... blah.

And the kids enjoyed dinner with their cousins.
Buddy, Monkey, The Fabulous Miss-J, and BAM!
Yummy veggies!!

We visited with Hubby's parents.
Where I captured this somewhat odd, action packed family portrait.

Then we hit the road.
Where we enjoyed banana bread that was provided by my grandmother.

We were troubled by a back seat blanket monster. Eeeek!

And Monkey fell asleep... Again.

After a full day of driving, we stopped at a hotel somewhere in Quebec.
Where the guys made good use of the complimentary wireless internet connection to watch an episode of Justice League.

And finally, the next day, we arrived in our new city.

Where Monkey fell asleep.

And I became Drill Girl.
Hanger of curtains, attacher of towel racks, driller of screws.
Home decor shall be served, as long as I have the power of my 9-volt battery!

That's all for now folks...


* What is a Timmy's?

A Timmy's is a Tim Horton's Coffee - the quintessential Canadian beverage. It is impossible to do any kind of heavy lifting without one. Canadians usually have theirs double double, which means two creams, two sugars; but we drink our Timmy's with just milk.



Sass E-mum said...

How great to see you back. That was some road trip - but anywhere is easy if you banana bread to keep you going.

Hope you feel refreshed from your blog break. Looking forward to seeing your west coast adventures.

Working mum said...

Great post! I think Monkey had the right idea, this moving house lark is so exhausting.

Love the drill; I never expected anything less of you.

Hope you're soon settled in.
WM x

Beck said...

FUN FUN FUN post. I hope you guys settle in to your new home - and province! - quickly.

Gerbil said...

Hah hah! Never underestimate the value of SLEEPING CHILDREN on trips.

Amanda said...

I think I saw Hamburgerlar on one of those plates. It was good to see him. Haven't seen him in almost as long as it has been since I saw you. Hahahaha.
Not sure if the boys were as interested in the Justice League as hubby was. He must have missed that episode.
It's so good to have you back.

Karen Stilwell said...

Reluctant Housewife -- I LOVE your picture of you with the drill!!!! You look so hot! =)

Elaine A. said...

Oh I've missed you!! So glad you are back! And glad you are getting settled. You look fierce with that drill!

And that banana bread looks SO yummy. Now I'm gonna have to make some...