May 29, 2008

Teacups and Teapots and Coffee, Oh My!

Working Mum at Working Mum on the Verge wanted to know what my teacups look like. I would like to congratulate her on what I consider to be a truly English question. I guess I should reciprocate by asking her what her touque, or her hockey puck, looks like. Or, perhaps even more fitting considering how much Canadians love coffee, what her favourite coffee mug looks like.

Okay, enough with the senseless stereotypes... Here are my favourite mugs.

This is their beauty shot.

This is the type of cup I drink tea out of. This mug is part of a set of dishes my mom gave me one Christmas time, long ago. I like them for tea because tea tastes better out of a thin mug... the closer to fine china, the better. And to answer Working Mum's second question: Milk in first (MIF) or (TIF) tea in first? I am a TIF, I put the milk in after I've poured the tea. I like only a tiny splash of milk to mellow the tea. Every time I put the milk in first, I end up with too much.

But, what do I use to make my tea, you ask?

Well, let me show you my teapot collection.

Hubby and I love cute teapots. The one in the back, on the left was his Grand-maman's. The one in the back on the right is Crimmins pottery. In the front, on the left is one Hubby gave me as a gift. In the front, on the right is one Hubby's mother gave us... And in the middle is the one we actually use. We got it at Walmart.

Here they are, safely in the bathtub at our old place. This is where they were while we packed up our stuff. They ended up in the tub because they were on display high up, on top of our cabinets, and really needed a good dusting.

I like tea, yes... But my true love is coffee.

This is my coffee maker. It was a gift from my father in law. It's not my favourite thing ever and I'll probably replace it soon. I need a good coffee maker... possibly one that grinds the beans for me. Fresh coffee is good coffee, after all.

Ah, sweet, sweet nectar.

This is my all-time favourite coffee mug. It's from a little breakfast place we visited, called Jordan's Restaurant. It is a thick mug with a big handle, perfect for coffee. I liked it so much that I asked at the cash if they sold them. They did, in blue and red. I picked blue because Jordan's specialty is blueberry pancakes and muffins, as evidenced by the dancing pancake and muffin on the mug. It is a beautiful piece of North American kitsch and I adore it.

The back of my mug, "Home of Bar Harbor's Best Wild Blueberry Muffins and Wild Blueberry Pancakes."

I feel I should also point out my second favourite cup, which I've mentioned in a previous post. It has a picture of the hospital in which I was born.

Years ago, they imploded the building because it had been closed and empty for years and was dangerous, but also to make way for a far less interesting looking police station. When it was demolished, it was covered in amazing graffiti art. Look at the building - it was huge - and just imagine it. It was beautiful in its own way. I hope someone immortalized it in pictures.

Those are my cups, Working Mum. Hope you enjoyed.



scrappysue said...

cool post! i'm a tea in first girl, but i use teabags - eek! coffee is my fave - i have a wicked coffee maker at home.

google alerts isn't working for me either - no idea what to do. trying all different options, but it's only letting me random blog updates.

Gerbil said...

i would think if you put milk in first, your water would cool and the tea wouldn't steep properly? or am i showing my inner geekitude again?

Mad said...

MIF. If it's really good tea and not just Superstore stuff, I like to make it in my mom's old china tea pot and drink it from a china cup. Otherwise it's a brown betty and pretty mug for me. I'm quite fond of a mug I've had since the 80s with E.T. on it.

I LOVE the coffee mug. I must drink mine from a mug that's in the shape of an Easter Island statue (with a nose). My husband uses the no-nose companion to the set. We ordered them from Dristan years ago when they were running their "The sinus cold calls for Dristan" campaign. Remember the ads? "At least you've got a nose..."

Elaine A. said...

LOVE the blueberry Jordan's one. Those restaurant mugs are the best ever. Coffee...yummy.

Sass E-mum said...

Great choice of coffee cup. I love that you have one showing the hospital where you were born.

I'm impressed you make tea properly. Perhaps you are professional and not reluctant after all...

Working mum said...

Great!! Such an insight into your world of mugs and teapots. I must admit I favoured the walmart one, looked like my grandmother's old one.

Have to also admit that I don't like coffee!! What!!! Yes, I'm an old fashioned English teabelly and haven't quite got to grips with coffee yet despite the influx of Starbucks, Cafe Nova and Cafe Nero here.

PS Someone needs to enlighten Gerbil about loose tea and tea pots (that's where you brew the tea!)

SaraLynn said...

We have the same coffee maker!! And my father in law gave me mine as well!!


Love the teacups and teapots..beautiful!

Hope you have agreat day!