May 15, 2008

The Ramblings of a Lunatic

Hey! My last post was #111. My lucky number. Cool.


My house is almost MIL ready. It doesn't have to be perfect, but I don't want it to look like we live in squalor either. Ya know? So I'm doing some last minute unpacking and cleaning. She also sent me a shopping list because she's going to make us the yummy French-Canadian treat boulettes. Yum. Pictures and recipe to follow, 'cause, you know, I gotta blog about something... It will also serve as my article for Bella this week. Yay. Two birds, one stone... such is the magic of boulette-makin'-grannies. My brother-in-law and his partner are also visiting, which is somewhat more nerve wracking. He's a designer so I always feel as though my decor is seriously lacking in panache when he visits. Oh well, it's comfortable and kid-friendly, which is what's important to me.


I managed to misplace the hardware for the last two rooms' curtains yesterday. Hubby and I looked around for awhile and came to the conclusion that a trip to Ikea was in order. The hardware costs about a dollar and I wanted to pick up a small table for my work area. I'm going to use it to write, blog (not that those are always mutually exclusive) and craft. Do you think I could sell my crochet toys? I'll have to come up with my own designs first, but I think I could... Can anyone give me the down-low on Esty?

Where was I? Oh yeah! Ikea. So I picked Buddy up at school and, armed with snacks and comic books, headed to Ikea. People seem to either love or hate Ikea. Personally, I'm all love. The people who hate Ikea seem to have been personally offended by the store; or they believe that Ikea is too mainstream and normal and mass-produced. But, come on people, we have student loans... We'll buy real furniture when we make it rich; and when the kids stop their reign of destruction.

Where was I? Oh yeah! Ikea. Monkey was asleep when we arrived, natch, so I got a cart, put both boys in and hit the tiny imaginary worlds that make up the Ikea show room. I picked up the stuff I needed, and a few tiny extras (like picture frames, yay), fed the kids some meatballs for supper, had a sort-of play in the play area off of the cafeteria, picked up my table in the warehouse, picked up some frozen yogurt on the way out the door. I managed to get two boys, a table, and a bunch of odds and ends (brand new retail therapy-related odds and ends) out of the cart and into the car when all three of us were holding ice cream cones with no accidents or unfortunate incidents. Aside from all the junk food - I am superwoman.


RE: Your comments on my "I've seen the face of yuck... and it is me" post... You're right, of course. I look fine. We all look fine. We are all GORGEOUS. At least everyone who reads this blog is. But who among us doesn't have moments of self-yuckiness? Let she who always feels attractive cast the first stone... Or inject the first botox... or whatever.

I will not be bleaching or waxing the 'stache because I would probably break out in hives. I get hives if I put on make-up or if I wear jewelry for too long. Apparently, I'm allergic to being a girl. Also, I can't walk in heels - they hurt my feet. And I've never worn a bikini, or even a tankini.

I fact, I am practically not even female.

Oh well, I'm okay with me...

most of the time.


Monkey was up the night before last with an earache. We only fell asleep at 2 AM, after I gave him his second dose of Tylenol. When he woke up in the morning, he felt fine. And he seemed fine all day. Not even cranky. Then, yesterday evening, he started complaining again of an earache... in the other ear this time. I hit the internet and searched frantically for a walk-in clinic that was open at 9pm. They all closed at 8pm. I wondered at the Murphy's law of it all - Monkey's ears only start to complain after all the doctors have gone home for the day. I didn't want to take him to the emergency room, it seemed like that would probably do more harm than good. We decided to wait for morning. Hubby walked Monkey to sleep, but he was up within half an hour, crying and squirming with discomfort. I held him in my lap while we watched an episode of Justice League to distract him from the pain. Hubby and I searched the internet for home remedies for earache. We tried holding a warm cloth on Monkey's ear; we considered trying warm drops of oil, dropped into the ear they're supposed to offer some relief. Then Monkey coughed and put his hand to his throat with a surprised look. I asked him if his throat hurt too, but he said no. I offered him a drink of water and sent Hubby to get it (cause that's what Hubbies are for, right?). He drank his water and settled in with us on the couch. 15 minutes later he was laughing and cheering along with Justice League, who were working together to clear the Green Lantern's name - he'd been framed with destroying a galaxy. Monkey seemed fine. No pain, no discomfort. He fell asleep, finally, and we put him in his bed where he slept through the night. This morning he seems fine, happy and active and playful (and stubborn, and demanding and loud) and cute as a button.

Weird, eh?

Hubby and I have a theory. We think he got water in his ear in the bath... and it eventually drained into his throat (hence the cough). And he's fine.

Cross your fingers for me that he won't end up with yet another earache tonight.



scrappysue said...

cute post! so glad monkey is doing ok! the mom bomb has an etsy store, so does whimsy love - they are both on my right sidebar. you can contact them thru etsy, you just have to join; which u would prob do anyway if u want to sell stuff. those toys would be VERY popular i'm sure!

we don't have IKEA here :( wish we did - i could buy some new scrapping shelving - my creative space is not very creative at ALL - it's totally fallen apart!!! (cheap wire coated cubes).

Tirzah said...

I know what you mean about MIL ready. Mine can be judgemental and I have heard her make comments about my SIL's homes, so I am always on edge when she comes over.

I have been on etsy for a while. I'm not sure what the secret is. Some people sell tons of stuff on there and make a lot of money. I've only sold a few things, but it was still fun. I think a part of it is the buying and selling and interaction. Just like a blog, to get people to come to you, you have to go to them.

I think you also have to be unique and price things well. You can look around and see what other people are doing.

I hope that helps a little. I'm no expert. I'm still trying to figure out the whole game, myself! Good luck!

Katie said...

My dad and I have the same size feet, so I feel your pain. I've been relegated to Birkenstocks since I was little and don't wear make-up either (unless you count food smeared on my shoulder at all times as make-up).
My son has bouts with ear infections but we have only had to treat two severe ones with antibiotics. Our doc prescribed some topical anesthetic drops for when he has trouble at night and they really help, plus they only cost like $1. You should ask about those because they work miracles.
And yes, sell your toys! People are really looking for handmade toys now that aren't loaded with plastic and lead paint. Yours are so cool you should totally get an Etsy shop or something.

Elaine A. said...

I love IKEA. The last time we went there Ben decided that he wanted to live there. Wouldn't be so bad I guess, they have beds and a cafeteria and bathrooms. What more do you need really?