May 12, 2008

A Package From The Other Side of the World!

One of the first items of mail I was expecting at my new address was a package from ScrappySue. She sent it a few weeks ago and it made its way via snail-mail from New Zealand to Canada to arrive this morning. The kids and I opened it together, while Hubby took pictures... Because a package from the other side of the world is a moment one must capture for one's blog - if a blog one has (which one does - if "one" is me, which one is - in this case, anyway...) Don't you agree?

Time to break into the package.
(Aside: See my new couch?)

The excitement is mounting.
The boys helped me remove the packaging.

A nice postcard. Look at the lamb, Monkey.

Sue sent beanies* for the boys.
We call them touques** (pronounced "tuke") in Canada.
Although, I'm also partial to calling them "hoser hats"***.

But since they say "New Zealand" on them maybe we should call them by their NZ name?
"Beanies" it is - although to me a beanie is a round hat with a propeller on top.

Honorary Kiwi?

The boys were very excited about the chocolate treats.

I was excited by the Kiwi body butter.

The package also included two very cool magnets, which now grace my fridge, and a New Zealand keyring, which I shall carry with pride attached to my keys.

Buddy tries a "Pinky" - a chocolate covered marshmallow treat with caramel (the marshmallow is pink).

Monkey likes chocolate.
Nom nom nom.

Thank you, Sue! You brought us fun and excitement, along with some great NZ gifties.


This is what I think of when I hear "beanie".

This is actually an official Team Canada Touque.

***Hoser hat:

These are what Hoser Hats actually are, although I use the term, in a jocular kind of way, for any touque.

There you go. It gets cold here so Canadians take their winter hats very seriously. Well, not really - I mean, we're not weird about it or anything - but it does get cold, so we wear hats. Yup.



JaimeM said...

That's great. Just love your blog, by the way. I think we call them beanies here too (Texas, USA) or just hat. We don't really get much weather that requires spiffy hats like that...wish we did! I do have a friend from Alabama (deep south here) that calls them toboggan's...I LOL when she said that. Another mom-friend (who's from Canada) laughed heartily too. :)

scrappysue said...

oh that is touque-cute!!! (get it - too cute!?!?!)

your husband must have been excited too, coz the first few pics are blurry!!!

the boys look adorable.

great post!

JoLynn Braley said...

How fun! It looks like the boys couldn't wait to see what was in the box, and the Kiwi body butter sounds like a relaxing treat for you. :)

Sass E-mum said...

Fab hats. Few things are more exciting than parcels in the post.

I always thought of them as beanies. Didn't ever realise helicopter hats might have a name.

Elaine A. said...

I am with you on the "breanie" looking like what you posted. Fun gifties! I want some of those chocolate things too!