May 23, 2008

Oh Yes, We Are VERY Excited

Buddy has been playing Mario Cart on the Wii.

He is really good at it.

Are you familiar with the Wii? It allows you to create little beings called "Miis". They're very similar to our Meez avatars. Buddy's Mario Cart game is saved under his Mii. It looks exactly like him... Down to the bedhead and freckles.

The reason we are so excited?

Buddy has won 1st place is so many races that he's opened a racer based on his Mii. Now, instead of racing as Mario or Donkey Kong, he can race as himself. Imagine his excitement... I'm sorry I didn't get a video of it.

"Oh! Mommy! Look! I can race as me! That's ME! Look! Ha! Ha!" etc...

And it is the CUTEST thing EVER - the little Buddy racing along in his little cart in video game land.




Elaine A. said...

We played Mario Cart at New Year's when my hus' sister and her family brought the Wii with them when they visited.

I was horrible at it but the kids were awesome. It is a lot of fun and I bet your son looks so cute as "himself!"

Alexis Jacobs said...

I didn't know you could win enough to be your own player! That is so cool. Now we have a new thing to work for. LOL