May 19, 2008

Just Buzzing Along with the Cosmos

I get a horoscope delivered to my email everyday. You can click in to read all the details about what your day is supposed to be like, apparently, according to the stars. I like to read the subject line of the email; I usually don't bother even opening it to get the details. The subject line sums up what is in store for Geminis for the day. Usually, it is comically apt. Usually, it says things like: "Gemini: Your thoughts have a mind of their own." Or, "Gemini: Your emotions can impact your creativity today."

Today it is gibberish. Today it says, "Gemini: You are buzzing along with the cosmos."

Hmmm... Okay, then.

Thanks, I guess.

So, for today only, if you hear an unexplained buzzing you're probably standing next to a Gemini.


1 comment :

The Nag said...

I'm a Gemini too! May 22 - never mind which year.