May 19, 2008

Interview with a Buddy and a Monkey

I got these fill-in-the-blanks questions off of the Friday Playdate blog and I thought it would be fun to ask Buddy and Monkey to fill in the blanks. I put Buddy's answers in italics and Monkey's answers in (brackets).

My mom’s name is Mel-A-nie (Melly).

She is 25 (5) feet tall and weighs 10 (5) pounds.

She is 30 (5) years old.

When I’m at school my mom takes care of Monkey. (works her Melly-puter?).

Her favorite store is... I don't know. (Chipmunks? Silly chipmunks?)

Her favorite food is broccoli (chicken nuggets).

Her favorite TV show is designers (chipmunk movie).

The thing my mom likes to do the most is watch chef Ramsay. (Play toys?)

The thing my mom likes to do the least is eating garbage. (Play?)

My favorite food my mom cooks is peanut butter sandwiches... actually, soup... yeah, soup. (Potatoes and chicken nuggets and french fries and eye balls and broccolis and charlies... Charlies? Charlies? Charlies? Ha! Ha!)

My mom’s favorite color is pink. That's easy, right? Because girls really like pink... Am I right or am I left? (Pink)

I love her because she's my mommy (Chipmunks love Daphne).

Buddy requested some questions about him.

Me: Buddy, what is your favourite character from a book?

Buddy: Uh... (pointing at Asterix in book he's reading) that guy.

Me: You don't have to pick from the book you're reading right now, you can pick from any book, ever.

Buddy: But this is my best book and I like that guy best.

Me: Okay, why do you like that guy best?

Buddy: Because he's strong when he drinks his potion.

Me: What's your favourite game to play?

Buddy: Mario Cart and Super Mario Galaxy.

Me: What about a game that's not a video game?

Buddy: Uh, I think Pokemon.

Me: Who is your favourite Pokemon?

Buddy: I think... I think Graveller.

Me: What does he do?

Buddy: Hun? What? What does he do?

Me: Yeah.

Buddy: He punches everybody... Every Pokemon, just to beat them.

Me: And you think that's a good thing?

Buddy: Uh... He's STRONG!

Me: Can you tell a funny joke?

Buddy: Why did the horse cross the road?

Me: Why?

Buddy: To get to the hay store! Get it? It's a funny one.

Monkey's turn

Me: Monkey, what is your favourite character from a book?

Monkey: Chipmunks books?

Buddy: There's no chipmunks books!

Monkey: In the library... the chipmunk library.... I want to watch the chipmunk movie in a minute?

Me: What's your favourite game to play?

Monkey: Chipmunk games... and Monkey Ball Banana Bits.

Me: Can you tell a funny joke?

Monkey: Uh... Poop. Poop? Ah-hahahaha! Poop on the floor. Ha! Ha! Can I watch the chipmunks in a minute?



Elaine A. said...

I hate to be the one to have to break this to you but I think Monkey may have a slight Chipmunk obssession... tee hee!

Cute post!

JoLynn from The Fit Shack said...

"The thing my mom likes to do the least is eating garbage"...way too funny, LOL, what the heck??! :)

Well, at least he gave that answer on what you like to do the least.

David said...

I loved this! I like chicken nuggets and play toys as well. I sadly am afraid of chipmunks.

scrappysue said...

that is just precious melly!!! and now it's down permanently so you will always be able to remember it!

the word verificiation says keviwen - kinda like kevin, but not!