May 25, 2008

And I Am Officially Losing It

It's been a very long day. A hard slog from start to finish.

I took the kids to Dairy Queen for a treat today. I got both kids out of the car and into the restaurant. I ordered two kid size chocolate cones, paid, and then went back to the car. Outside, there was a long line at the drive-thru and a narrow lane for people to drive around the restaurant. We were parked in one of the parking spaces on the side of the lane. As I buckled Monkey into his car seat, I was surprised by a car horn. I stood up and stared in surprise at the middle-aged man who was too impatient to wait for me to buckle my child safely into his seat . My butt was in his way, basically, and he thought he'd honk. When I looked at him in surprise he indicated by gesture that he wanted to drive up the lane. I made the international sign for "I've got a little kid here and I'm just buckling him into his car seat." He made an impatient gesture and indicated in even larger gestures that he would like to get his ice cream RIGHT NOW. So I (and here's where things get a little out of character) stuck my butt out and smacked my butt cheek as if to say, "Kiss it, Mr!" Then I nicely got out of his way.

I think I'm officially losing it.

Did I mention it was a LONG day?



Jules said...

That is awesome!!!!! Why are old men so quick to lose their temper?

scrappysue said...

good for you! i would have done exactly the same thing AND done it all in slowmo

my 100th post is up

Nicole said...

When this happens to me (and unfortunately it happens more than it should), I start to go extra slow and take my sweet time. I'm not going to compromise my child's safety because some jerk thinks their time is so much more valuable. (Oh, and most of these people are not only impatient but really lazy because invariably there is another spot just a few cars down).

Gerbil said...

Think he's related to the moron at BJs who tried to run me over???