May 22, 2008

10 Things About Right Now

1. I'm way behind getting the bear done for my last giveaway winner. That's right... still not done. I emailed her, though, so she knows I haven't forgotten. This is what I'm making, at her request:

Cute, eh?
If you'd like to make one too, you can get the pattern at Crochet Me. I'll post a picture when I'm done so you can see how I did.

2. We've been using a new laundry detergent because they didn't have our regular stuff at the store. I think we'll have to switch back, though, because it's making me itchy.

3. My hair parted in the middle today. I think it makes my face look wider. But I still kind of dig it, cause it makes me look more artsy.

4. It looks like two little boy pinatas exploded in here - cars, transformers and Pokemon everywhere... Must tidy.

5. We went for a walk this morning, first thing, but I didn't bring my camera. How very out of character, no?

6. I saw that there were a bunch of new episodes of Bones up on the 'net and I'm looking forward to watching them. Sadly, I read at one of the blogs that Zach is somehow responsible, or in cohoots with the crazy bone collector guys (or whatever - haven't seen an episode since the start of the writer's strike)... Total spoiler! Hello! These should have WARNINGS people. Not all of us have cable.

7. I'm am surprised to find myself developing a bit of a crush on Gordon Ramsay... I know! What the hell, right? Well, I've been watching the F-Word. He's not all red-faced and screamy on it like he is on Hell's Kitchen (not attractive at all - the red faced, screamy thing). He's just sort of enthusiastic, and funny. He has a funny little bounce he does when he's excited about something. I like his carefully messed-up blond hair and blue, blue eyes. And he's huge! So tall that he makes everyone else look short. And you get to see him with his kids. And you actually get to see him COOK. And then there's the opening. Have you seen it? Okay, youtube does not have the opening, just on its own, so I'm putting part one of episode one of season one. K? Just watch until after he takes his clothes off (un hun). Whee. Or watch the whole thing... I don't mind. But it's a fun show & I recommend it.

8. Gordon Ramsay is not really not my type.

9. The maintenance guy is here fixing the few things that were wrong with the place when we moved in. Yay.

10. And it's time for me to go get Buddy at school




scrappysue said...

hey artsy girl! DH got gordon ramsey's autobio for his birthday and it was a great read. he's a real battler, with a lived-in face! the american version of his show is crap, but the uk one is pretty good. very formulatic (i can't spell that word). watching the utube one now (well, it's on pause while i write this hehe)

scrappysue said...

that was so cute! i loved it when they went to the turkey farm. that's a lotta kids in a few short years!!! (i can talk). martene mccutcheon was in love actually - my 2nd fave movie of ALL TIME!!!

Working mum said...

Gordon Ramsay isn't my type either. Did you know his wife now writes cookbooks 'cause she does all the cooking at home? She writes about cooking with and for families, quite good stuff!

Elaine A. said...

I love your pirate bear, just as I loved the alien!