April 3, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

I present you with:

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Totally Random

Day of the Week!

1. Censored by the wo-man.

I had a thingy here but, you know, I don't think it came across. It made me sound bitter and I'm not... so I took it out. k? Hugs!

2. A Surprise at the Salon.

The other day I made an appointment to get my hair cut. I arrived at the salon and was pleasantly surprised to find that my hairdresser was an anime character. She looked almost exactly like this:

Except she had black n' white hair that was straight and in ringlets, and pink glitter that was applied heavily to her eyelids and lightly dusted over the rest of her face. I thought she was pretty damned cute, in a snuggy-bunny kind of way.

Anyway, she washed my hair while we enjoyed a lively discussion of American Idol. Then she sat me down in the chair (aside: don't you love the chair? I love how they pump a foot pedal to make it taller - makes me feel light as a feather) and started to cut my hair. All of sudden, out of nowhere, she said, "How old are you?"

I was quite taken aback because, you know... You're not supposed to ask a lady her age. 'Tis rude. So I said, "What?"

Undaunted, she asked again.

So I told her, "32," I said.

"Oh my gosh!" She cried, falling over in her surprise, (note: she didn't actually fall over - I made that up). "I thought you were, like, my age."

"And how old are you?" I asked

"21," said the snippet.

Can you believe it? My anime hairdresser thinks I look 21!!

3. An Easter Eve's Tale

On Easter Eve, I took a lovely bubble bath while hubby put the wee munchkins to bed. I listened while Hubby explained to the boys that they should go to sleep quickly so that the Easter Bunny could come and hide the eggs for the egg hunt in the morning. Monkey felt very anxious about the bunny. "I don't want him to see me sleepin' with my eyes closed," he said. He was terrified of the giant bunny coming into his room while he was asleep, and who can blame him? Giant bunnies are totally freaky.

Hubby promised Monkey that he would keep the bunny in the kitchen/dining/living room which, in our apartment is one small room:

Yup, I was standing in the kitchen when I took this.
The brown table is in the dining room.
The rest is the living room.

And then he'd escort the bunny to the door with a, "And thank you very much, sir! Don't let the door hit you in the tail on your way out!"

Hubby's promise made Buddy start to cry. When asked why he was crying he said, "The bunny won't have enough places to hide the eggs and we won't be able to have an easter egg hunt!" Poor Buddy. I explained, from the tub, that the bunny never leaves eggs in the bedrooms anyway, so we wouldn't miss out on them at all.

All seemed well, the children were tucked all snug in their beds. Then Monkey's worried little face appeared at the edge of the tub. "Mommy," he said. "I don't want that bunny to see me sleepin'."

"Don't worry, Monkey. I will personally see to it that the Bunny goes nowhere near your room. I give you my no bunny guarantee." The no bunny guarantee did the trick and Monkey trundled off to bed.

Holidays are not all about family and food. Sometimes they're about big scary bunnies too.

4. The Difference Between a Monkey and a Comedian.

Walking home today, hubby asked Buddy to stay on the sidewalk and out of the snowbanks. Buddy and I were ahead of Hubby and Monkey when we passed another family, who we know fairly well, and the kids invited Buddy to come and play in the snow. Buddy told them that his Daddy told him to stay out of the snow, so he couldn't come and play. The family's Dad praised Buddy by jokingly telling his boys, "See he listens to his Daddy. Take notes."

Hubby caught up to us at that point, carrying a struggling Monkey who was determined to join the other boys in the snowbank. Buddy took one look at his brother and said, "Monkey? Not so much."

Me and Two Purple Popsicle Faces



Amanda said...

Was that a self photograph at the end? You really have learned a lot from ANTM. Your little family sounds too cute. I wish y'all could come play with us.

Sass E-mum said...

Cute bunches! Didn't you get a popsicle too?

smtwngrl said...

re: #2 - I had a similar experience during my visit home at Christmas time. One of my (3-years younger) sister's classmates and his younger brother thought I was younger than my sister (~25 they said) which made me glow! I'm also 32 (although I was only 31 at the time). Ah, to feel young...

Beck said...

You guys are a VERY cute family.
I love how airy and uncluttered your living room is! When we lived in an apartment, it looked like a total JUNK SHOP because we couldn't organize our crap to save our lives.

SaraLynn said...

I love it when someone thinks I am younger than what I am!

You guys are too cute! Very happy family!!

Quirky said...

I'm with Buddy and Monkey. Those giant Easter bunnies freak me out too. I still go out of my way to avoid them in malls. It's the huge head and the massive mesh eyes man! They'd give any kid the creeps. Giant-headed costumed monsters...*shudder!*

Don Mills Diva said...

After seeing the photo I'm not surprised by #2. But I hope you gave her a massive tip nonetheless!

Gerbil said...

Once upon a long time ago, a certain Gerb-daughter was terrified witless of the toothfairy. So she drew a hand-tracing turkey on a paperplate, colored it in, and announced that although NO toothfairies better dare trespass, TURKEY FAIRIES were ok.

And so it was that the Turkey Fairy handled tooth duty for a few years.

David said...

When Easter came and went I was trying to figure out where it stood on my list of favorite holidays.
When I was a kid, Christmas was my number one, as it was/is with many kids. Santa always held a special magical interest for me until that bubble was burst. It lasted the longest in my belief world though.
The Easter bunny was the first to be booted off the field of my childhood fantasy and imagination that was unrestricted by reality. Not sure of what age I caved in to disbelief, but I do remember pleading with my mother to not cut me off the chocolate bunny wagon if I became an Easter Bunny atheist.
The tooth fairy never really made my fantasy superhero cut. If she did I'm sure I would of had nightmares about a lady coming into my room in the middle of the night dressed in a fantasia costume complete with star studded wand, and leaving me money for something that fell out of my mouth earlier that day. It would have scared the hell out of me if I had a belief in this concept.
Easter always had the crappy cold weather as well. When you're a kid in my old neighborhood, weather dictated the sporting event of the day. Easter always seemed to come with more snow than our street hockey team could deal with. Football was not even discussed until at least the 24th of May holiday, and baseball was unheard of as a street sport until Canada got its first team in the seventies.
So Easter was a day spent chewing the ears off of bunnies that tasted like cardboard. After mine were long eaten, I would go hunting for my sister's bunny warrens and find the ones she was saving for another day. After that it was just another Sunday.
We always had the Friday prior to Easter off of school as the Friday was "Good Friday" and we were a nation of people that holidays are dictated by the Catholic church. Although I happily took the day off with the rest of the country, I struggled with the reason why?
What was so "good" about the Friday that Jesus was supposedly executed?
Should we be mourning in guilt in our bedrooms with comic books under the blankets, or quietly playing with superballs and slinkies in the street?
How "Good" should me make "Good Friday" was my biggest concern.
Should I feel guilty about enjoying my day off playing road hockey on this holiest of days?
It's a good thing Catholics are used to dealing with guilt.
By the time Easter rolled around 2 days latter, Easter dinner was Angst with a side of guilt.
No meat was to be eaten on Good Friday, so the McDonald's Filet-O-Fish was usually dinner. ( I heatedly contested the fact that the McRib sandwich had no meat in it, therefore I should have been able to consume it without fear of going to hell in a hand basket)
So what's up with Easter now? It gets tough to figure out when the day falls as it seems to be dependent on when the last full moon was, when the first Sunday follows the first full moon after the spring equinox, and who won the Super Bowl. I think you also have to factor in something with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 market index.
I get confused enough just figuring out what stores will be open on the day. Now I need a mathematical equation and help from an MIT grad to plan my Easter dinner.
To be honest, figuring out when the next passing of Haley's comet is easier.
And what happened to the Easter bunny delivering bad tasting chocolate bunnies to the kids? Retail flyers that adorn my mailbox this past week announce, "give your kids pink ipods for Easter."
Ipods for Easter?
Did I miss a meeting?
I read an article on what laptop would be perfect for Billy or Suzie to put under the Easter Tree.
The Easter friggin Tree??
Sony is offering their 70" screen plasma as "The perfect Easter gift that the kid's will never forgret." I already forgot it.
Nice blog btw, I bumped in to it as we often do, and I had a good read and was pleased that I found you.
Thanks for sharing.