April 11, 2008

Running Errands with the Housewife

Hi there! Come on in. Don't mind the mess... My paper's due today so I haven't had much time to clean up around here.

I'm just doing some last minute tweaking on the paper and then I need to go and run some errands. Do you want to come along?

Great! It's always more fun with a friend along for the ride.

There. The paper's done. Now I just need to hit print.

All ready to go. Whew! That was a lot of work.

I'll just give my BFF a hug goodbye.
And we're ready to go.

Drop the garbage off on the way out.

Pft. Society's rules! Who needs 'em?

See the sign?
I recommend not emulating it.

Vroom, vroom!

Here's the Anthropology Annex.

I'll just drop off my paper in the office.

An invigilator, eh?
I'm not sure... Does it hurt?

Vroom, vroom!

There's still giant filthy snowbanks everywhere.
At least it's sunny.

Apparently the far end of the parking lot
is where grocery carts go to die.

All set? I've got my bags... Let's go!

Now that is a lot of toilet paper.

Sushi dudes.


Mmmm... My favourite.

Behold! The towering monolith of cola.
Also, do you notice the pick-your-price motif?

Argh! Out of Winnipeg Rye bread? Alas! Alack!
Hey, if you run into Winnipeg tell them I love their bread, okay?

Oh, oh! The wall of ice cream.
Oh sweet temptation.

Ew, though... Why?

Best. Chocolate. Ever.

Navigate confusing housewife traffic jam.

Do we have everything? Check list.

Check out time.

All packed up.

Oooh, pretty flowers. Pretty colours.

Roses, sigh.

Groceries in trunk.

Vroom, vroom!

Back at the apartment.
Those bags were heavy. Oof.

Thanks for tagging along!



Amanda said...

I'm glad I could go with you. I am wondering how you ended up without any nestle drumsticks, though. They always find their way into my buggy. Also, I'm a fan of navel oranges as opposed to tangerines.
I'm not sure what they want to pay you to do but I have heard some bad stories about lab rats and it never turns out well for the rat in the end. You get what I'm sayin?

CC said...

ROTFLMAO!!! That was awesome!!!

and is your BFF your computer?? mine too!

Becoming Me said...

I bet you had a blast with that. How funny

scrappysue said...

wow - that was SO COOL!!! i actually feel like i know you a little bit better. i did not for instance, know you lived in an apartment! no monkey helpers at the grocery store? how you study with little ones is beyond me - heroine! and 33 photos in a post - my HERO!!! what a brilliant idea, so cool, wanna emulate. and ps: am i the only one who feels slightly conspicuous taking photos of things really no-one except us enlightened folks takes photos of?

Gerbil said...

May I sheepishly admit I was disappointed not to finally get a glimpse of the famous Canadian milk in a bag I have heard about?

Elaine A. said...

That was the easiest and fastest shopping trip I have EVER been on AND I had fun. I am shoppin' with you more often!

Sass E-mum said...

That was so much fun. I feel a bit more inspired about grocery shopping now. Bet the sushi dudes liked having their photos taken, even if they were too cool to admit it.

Working mum said...

Thanks for taking me along. Great fun!

Don't recommend the invigilating though, I have to do it and spend most of the time trying to stay awake and not fall asleep in front of the students I am supposed to be watching intently!

Barb said...

Thanks for letting me come along on your errands...sure was alot of fun..I might need to take my 'Spotlis' on errands sometime too.
Loved this post it was great...thanks

SaraLynn said...

LOL...Loved this post!! I have to find that chocolate now...my Dove caramel filled candy will have to work for tonight...

Great pics...and I put one up from me on kooky kids...hehe...you asked for it :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

What a cute idea for a blog post. Thanks for a great ride!

Connie said...

That was really fun and now I want some bread!

I just bought some of those nifty bags and I love them...they fit so much and make for less trips into the house when I get home from the market.

Colleen said...

Wow, you're right. MUCH more fun with a friend!

Tell me...did people look at you like you were crazy for taking pictures inside the grocery store?

texasholly said...

Yeah! What a fun tour. I do hope you bought the $1.99 soda vs. the other? so funny.

Thanks for linking today!

MomsReality said...

ok, i think i need to go eat because the bubblicious ice cream looked good to me. that was way fun!

Danielle said...

I feel tired now...errands wear me out!

dddiva said...

What a fun trip, thanks for inviting me. :D

Nora Bee said...

Love it! I hope you saved me a bowl of that ice cream...