April 5, 2008

Me in Pixels

A few years ago I was looking through our photo albums and I realized there were almost no pictures of me. Ever since I've been taking self portraits. I take them for prosperity, so that my family can prove I was here if I'm ever gone and also because it's fun.

Amanda of Amanda's Life recently put the call out to her bloggy friends to publish some self-portraits. And, unlike Sass E-mum of One Strangely Lush Mother, I'm often the first to jump on any bandwagon which comes my way.

So, I present:

A whole bunch of self-portraits!

I take two types. The first are the ones in which I try to look normal. Like these:

I was trying to see what my profile looks like.
Am I the only person who wonders about stuff like that?

Road Trip

I took this one to document a good hair day.

I took this one to document a new haircut.

Summertime, at my parents' house.

Another road trip, another picture in the car.

The other type of pictures I take are the ones in which I let my freak flag fly and show the camera my true, silly self. Like these:

It was a windy day.
Can you tell?

I learned from watching Top Model
that you have to work those accessories.

Charlie's Angels.

Snicker. I like this one.

And that's that. That's me anyway. And I'm all that... So that is definitely that... If you follow my logic.

I'm not actually all that. I'm just that. Because that is me.

Okay I'm done.

Kisses and bye!



CC said...

Love the accessories and Charlie's Angels shots! You groupie you!

Amanda said...

My favorite was the windy day!! HIGHlarious! I love the self portraits. How smart of you to do so many. You are my best student, even though you were doing them long before my tutelage.

CC said...

not a lemming. not a lemming. not a lemming.

scrappysue said...

love the bicycle helment! IS it a bicycle helment??? i have 2 to post tomorrow, but yours are way funnier. i need to try the profile shot - looks like fun.

SaraLynn said...

This is great!
The Charlie's Angels....lol...love it! The windy day pic is awesome!!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I delete every single picture that shows my profile - because, for some reason, I look 30 years older from the side. It is horrifying.

Katie said...

My husband and I were looking at your pics -- we laughed and laughed at the windy day one!

Gerbil said...

All of my pictures seem to involve me making the oddest faces. or maybe that IS my face. I'm not sure I want to know.

Reluctant Housewife said...

T'isnt a bike helmet - T'is a deflated volleyball, natch.

scrappysue said...

you wear it well my dear, you wear it well...

Quirky said...

I love it! I'm tempted to try the self-portrait thing too since you made it look like so much fun. Except I don't have any fun accessories like a deflated volleyball, so mine would probably all be boring.

Elaine A. said...

Okay, the flying hair one is hilarious! I also like the ones with the kids in the background!! Great shots, thanks for sharing...