April 3, 2008

I'm Just Happy to be on the List #2

I was checking out my stats on Google Webmaster last night and I was delighted to find this list:

1. 13% homemade by jill 9
2. 9% adventures of the reluctant housewife 3
3. 9% booty means 3
4. 9% a reluctant mom blog 4
5. 9% booty mean 9
6. 9% farah fawcett 12
7. 9% avatars housewife mom 14
8. 9% 6 word autobiographies 17
9. 9% menstruation taboo vids 30
10. 9% housewife 77
11. 9% chubby girls 91

So, what does this mean? This shows the google searches from which people are clicking onto my site. So 13% of the clicks I get are from people who google "homemade by jill". How weird is that? The last number, 9 in the case of Homemade by Jill, indicates how far down the list that's generated by a google search you'd find me. So if you google "Homemade by Jill", I should be 9th on the list.

Important facts I took away from this:

1. If you google "chubby girls" I'll be 91st on the list! I made the top 100! Yay! Of all the chubby girls in all the world, I'm one of the most googlularly-popular. You can congratulate me by sending chocolates.

2. If you google "booty means" I'll be 3rd on the list. I'm right up there with the Urban Dictionary!

3. If you google "booty mean" I'll be 9th on the list. I do have mean booty... and, being one of the top 100 chubby girls on google, I have more of it!

4. I also made the top 100 for "housewife". I'm less excited about this than by the chubby girl thing because it means more cleaning and less eating.

5. Menstruation taboo vids? What? Snicker. Why would anyone want one? Granted, I am currently researching and writing a paper on this topic... But a video? No thank you very much.

And, of course, I've just improved my chubby girl status by using the phrase "chubby girl" 7 times in this post. Once again, you can congratulate me by sending chocolates.

Kisses y'all. I'm gonna go now. I'm a busy girl, after all. I have some mean booty that needs shakin' and a menstruation taboo vid to watch.



Jennifer Fosberry said...

This is too funny. How do I check my blog? Teach me oh wise and reluctant housewife popular chubby girl. Maybe that will help a little more?


Mad said...

Internet searchers are weird. I mean who are these people? It scares me in the same way that looking into other people's grocery carts scares me. It serves as a reminder that despite all my claims to normalcy, I, in fact, am the freak.

SaraLynn said...

LOL....mean booty?? you so crazy!!

I amgoing over to Googlr now to check all this out.
p.s. your chocolate box will be arriving in 2 days ;)

Amanda said...

That confused me so much. I can see how excited you are by all of this so I am excited for you. Congratulations.

Becoming Me said...

How funny. I need to check mine.

Elaine A. said...

So, you've been doin' some research, have you? That's pretty cool!

Your chocolates are on the way! ; ) (sorry if a few are missing when you get them though... must have been the delivery guy - yeah that's it!)

Sass E-mum said...

Very funny. I like that post a lot. One day I'm going to steal that idea - when I think it's funny enough.

Angie said...

This is one of the most hilarious posts I've read in quite some time. Wanna know how I found you? Thru the Homemade by Jill blog!! Too funny!

Debbie said...

I don't really know how to check this stuff either, and maybe that is a good thing. But it must be comforting to have such a mean booty.

suzannah said...

this is crazy! i don't know anything about google webmaster, but sitmeter said that someone recently arrived at my blog by search "picture of lioness shouting at lion." so weird.

thanks for stopping by my blog (and sorry if the rat king was too horrifying!)

texasholly said...

OMG. So funny. Really...why do they search these things and how do they end up finding you?

Thanks so much for linking!