April 6, 2008

Blog of Distinction

Working Mum at Working Mum on the Verge has created a new blog award and, in her immeasurable good taste, has decided to award one of the first to me.

She came up with the icon herself using paint shop pro. Isn't it great? She's obviously brilliant and oozing cool. Thank you, Working Mum!

So, the rules are that I award this to 5 blogs who, rhymily, make me "laugh, cry, think or sigh".

1. Working Mum at Working Mum on the Verge for coming up with award, creating it, and for being a cool blogging mum who makes me laugh and think.

2. CC at If I Only had Superpowers for making me think, laugh, cry and sigh (all four!) with her stories and information about Autism and communication.

3. Sara at Kooky Kids - for making me laugh with her adorable kids' adventures and also for making me smile with her great header photo (I smile everytime I visit - it's such a cute picture).

4. Suburban Correspondent at The More the Messier for making me laugh and think with her great parenting tips lists.

Smtwngrl at Writing: My Life for making me laugh, think, and sigh by sharing her adventures in the writing world.

Thanks everyone! And, especially, thanks Working Mum for the award.



SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Why, thank you - I'm flattered. And I'm glad that you laugh, but don't bother thinking - logic and kids just don't mix.

Working mum said...

Ooooo! Cool award! Thanks. I can pass it on to more people now!

CC said...

WOW! I'm honored! Thank you!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! It feels great to be honored with you.

smtwngrl said...

Awe, how nice! This is my very first blog award! You're so kind.

I'd like to thank my mother, for always being there for me...is that music I hear already???

Thanks again!

SaraLynn said...

You are too sweet! Thank you so much! I think my kids are cute too :)

David said...

You are in great company. The blogs you honored, like yours, are outstanding. I so enjoy my daily reads.
Thank you for great honesty, great pics, and great writing.

Beck said...


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