March 30, 2008

This Is Not a Title

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted.

Monkey gave up his soother, "Nunu", about a week and a half ago. He had chapped lips from nunuing all night. I put Vaseline on his lips and explained to him why they were chapped. At bedtime he refused his nunu, saying, "No nunu! It make my lips fall off."

Who can blame him really? I have to admit that that would put me off of it too. I tend to avoid anything that makes parts of my body fall off.

The only negative side is that Monkey hasn't slept through since. And on top of the Monkey-related lack of sleep, I'm coming down with a cold. Hence the higher than normal level of exhaustion. I am zombie girl, hear me snore.

The kids and I went to my childhood hometown this weekend for a visit. Now that I'm home it turns out that I left my Anthropology notes at my mother-in-law's and I can't find my cell phone*. I thought I'd left it at my parents' house, but when I called Dad he couldn't find it. Urg.

So no wittiness or fun today, alas.

*Reminds of my favourite quotation from The Neverending Story: "I lost the Auryn and I can't find my luck dragon!" This quotation represents the end of all hope for one of the movie's main characters, Atreyu. It also makes me laugh - so earnest, so overly-dramatic! Boo hoo. Hee hee.