March 13, 2008

How NOT to play the violin

Because I like to make a fool of myself for the world to see. And because SaraLynn requested this and SaraLynn's my girl. I give you:

Me playing the violin!


  • This is not good. Make sure your computer's volume is not up too high.
  • Also, don't forget to laugh yourself into incontinence at the faces I make everytime (often) I hit a bad note.
  • Also, take note of the fact that when I'm concentrating I look exactly like a frog.



Take a deep breath and press play.


Let me introduce you to my poor neglected violin.

My parents gave it to me for my 15th birthday. It's a beautiful instrument with nice tiger striped wood on the back. My violin instructor discovered it stashed away in somebody's attic. She rescued it and had it repaired. It is currently kept in storage in my closet and I pull it out once or twice every couple of years, or so. It is also missing its E-string so I had to choose a song that only used the lower 3 strings.

I hope it didn't make your ears bleed. Comments? Be gentle.



Amanda said...

I thought it was fabulous. I watched it one time without the volume and was wondering why you were in the bathroom. Then I realized the power was off on the speaker. Anyway, you are very talented and should be proud of yourself.

Mad said...

Ooooo, my daughter would love to hear you play.

BTW, Mission Accomplished, meme-wise.

Christina said...

You should be proud you are musically talented. I sing so poorly, my kids ask me to lip sinc in church.

Elaine A. said...

I thought that was pretty darn good, actually. I do love your face while you are concentrating, that's probably what mine looks like when I go back to play the piano once a year at my parents house! ; )

Beck said...

Wonderful! And you look nothing at all like a frog - you're beautiful. My bathroom is the only room with even half-way decent acoustics, too....

SaraLynn said...

You are fantastic, do you know that? You played very well, and I have loved watching it! But you are fantastic in that, you are so brave. Are you completely fearless? I cannot stand up and speak to a roomful of friends and family (the video of my wedding reception I was red faced the entire time), let alone broadcast myself on the web. You amaze and inspire me. It is a toss up in the mornings now, coffee or your blog?
BRAVO BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Wow, everyone. Thank you!

Misty said...

Oh! I am so jealous! I absolutely love the violin. The sound is so beautiful, the string section brings tears to my eyes and swelling in my chest. And that is from wonderful emotion and not a heart attack or other McDonald's induced maladies.

And you do not look like a frog. :)

Sass E-mum said...

That's fantastic, Reluctant.

Delighted to say that got Ellie singing along!

scrappysue said...

pretty damn good :) be proud

Elaine A. said...

So have you played it all in the last year? ; )

Thanks for linking up!

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