March 10, 2008

Are you partying?


I am so behind in my blogging schedule that it is not even funny anymore. I don't mean to neglect you all. Really I don't.

I'm visiting new blogs at the 5 minutes for mom blog party:

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

So many new blogs.

I also need to check on all my lovely blogs I love to read. I haven't read them in a few days. There's bound to be tons of fabulous new posts to enjoy.

So many blogs, so little time!

I'd love a bubble bath right now. It's been a long few days, what with the traveling, and the apartment hunting, and the snow storms, and all. Too bad no one has yet invented a waterproof computer so I could blog in the bath.

Will you invent a waterproof computer for me please (is that too much to ask)? kthxbai



Gerbil said...

**scratching head** i think there actually is a water-resistant laptop out there... i vaguely recall reading something about some scientist in the field studying... something. but it cost more than my car so... prob not a sensible option for most!

snpnmnmi said...

Rules are made to be broken! Post your 100 whenever you want... or whenever you come up wiht 100. If you don't want to, there's a poem type deal called "where I'm from"’m-from/
that is very telling and fun to do. Might make you cry too! Thanks for stopping by my party.
Party on!
Tammy :):):)