March 5, 2008

Apartment Hunting - not my idea of a good time

We're packing up our hearth and home and moving to a new city in May.

Everybody we know is moving. That's what graduation is all about, right? Packing up and moving to another city.

Recently, a friend was telling me all about the great apartments people have found. She finished her narrative with, "Everyone has already found an apartment. Well, except you guys."

And panic sets in.

This weekend I am heading off to the new city to view some apartments. Hopefully I will find a suitable one, in a great area with good schools (no pressure).

So, question: How does one conduct an apartment search from half a country away?

Answer: With great difficulty.

I've been using the internet primarily, because the internet is my natural environment.

Hubby and I took a trip in July to look around and get a feel for the different areas in the city. I spent some time getting to know the city by researching its neighborhoods and schools. Then I started looking for rental possibilities. I started out using google to find what listings were available and eventually figured out that all the apartments I was seeing on other listings were all also listed on "The Kijiji site offers Canadians free, local and easy to use classifieds. The word Kijiji actually means "village" in Swahili." Similar to Craiglist but, I think, with better layout.

The problem I was having, and the reason I didn't have any apartments lined up when I had that ill-fated conversation with my friend, was that everything was for rent immediately and we were not planning on moving until May. We would be willing to rent starting in April, but no earlier. I was forced to push it off over and over again.

So now, here we are. Two months before we need to move and no prospects. I'm terrified because not finding a place means not having a home, or a roof, or walls, or anywhere to store the kids' enormous collection of toys. Obviously, with two small children (and a hatred of camping) I need a place to call home.

So cross your fingers for me.


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Sass E-mum said...

Think calm thoughts... think calm thoughts...

I'm sure things will fall into place, but I can feel a shortness of breath taking hold of me already. How nervewracking.

Any chance you can arrange a few days in the new city - with the children even - and get an agent to line up some viewings for you? How does apartment hunting work in Canada anyway?