March 13, 2008

And To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street

What did I see on my home from school?

There was so much to tell, I JUST COULDN'T BEGIN!

Dad looked at me sharply and pulled at his chin.
He frowned at me sternly from there in his seat,
"Was there nothing to look at . . . no people to greet?
Did nothing excite you or make your heart beat?"

"Nothing," I said, growing red as a beet, "But a plain horse and wagon on Mulberry Street."

I didn't see a horse and wagon on my way home from school (sadly, because that would have been cool). But I did see some things that made my heart beat. Let me share them with you.

A visit to the greenhouse in the Biology building.
How cute is that? Biologists are so precious!


A Pepsi vending machine in its natural habitat.

The greenhouse is haunted by the ghost of a giant albatross.
Rime of the Ancient Mariner anyone?

It takes a special kind of school to offer its students Pepsi, snacks,
and stuffed bird specimens in its vending machines.

What the heck is that thing?

This tiny door leads to a happy, magical place where winter never comes.
I know, I checked.

Room 102 - it goes both ways.

I have no witty remarks about this picture.
Pretty, though, eh?

I think that giant snowbank is about to eat that car.

This poor tree is reaching out for help.
I took its hand and pulled, but it was to no avail.

Look! It's a bench!


This telephone reminds me of the Narnia lamppost.
It seems so incongruous in the surrounding trees.

Upon closer inspection, however, its presence takes on a more sinister cast.
It's in the woods in case of emergencies.
For student protection and, apparently, garbage disposal.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments are your best bet!



Sass E-mum said...

Great photos, Reluctant.

As you say, a very Narnia phone booth. It's a bit scarey to think you have to walk and drive through that snow.

When did you last get snowed in? Or are you snow shifting services better than that?

Tirzah said...

This is a really fun post! What a great idea! I should try taking pics of all the things we do each day!

I want a ladybug crossing sign!

Amanda said...

That's where all that trash came from!! Here I was all worried about my bags at the store and the trash was just piling up in these random spots around the world...

Love the ghostly bird shot.

Don Mills Diva said...

Great photos - who knew a walk home could yield so many amazing things?

Beck said...

You're so funny...
and I have to tell you, I've been very stern about not adding any new blogs to my big fat bloglines, but this post made me helpless to resist adding ONE MORE. Great.

scrappysue said...

maybe it doubles as a beer fridge to keep them cold!!!