March 15, 2008

And I Know Funny

Have you seen the Jerry Seinfeld bit where he complains about people claiming, "And I know funny" when they tell him he's definitely not? I tried to locate this clip to share it with you but, ironically, all I could find online were forum entries and videos from people claiming, "I know funny."

So, do you know funny?

I want to share two video clips with you and I want to know if you think they're funny.

The first is from the comedy team that brought us Absolutely Fabulous, French and Saunders. It features Jen, who is trying to relax with her tabloid magazine and Dawn, who is trying to catch her attention by offering up some tabloid headlines of her own:

For me, this clip is all about Dawn's facial expressions. I think it's funnier everytime I see it. What do you think?

The second is put together by Halifax based comedy troop, Picnicface. It is a song that asks the age-old question: Beard or no beard?

"I've always wanted a flower with a beard." Classic!

I think these clips are funny. In fact, they both hold a special place in my heart because no one else I've shown them to seems to find them funny at all.

I've heard that you know funny.

So tell me, in your expert opinion - were these clips funny or not?

Want more funny videos (including some that people other than me agree are funny)? Visit my LOLvids YouTube playlist.



Amanda said...

I don't know that I know funny...but sorry to say...not my brand of funny...differences make the world go round, right?

Jackson danced to the beard song, though.

SaraLynn said...

It was too freakin' funny! I had my husband come in here for it! He is going to find the beard song and e-mail it to his brother...hahahahaha!

The first clip with dawn and jagger's baby!!
i needed a laugh today and as always you delivered!