February 12, 2008

Too cranky to post

Am I in a bad mood!

Just sitting here feeling cranky. And a little headachy.

And I forgot to put the rice on for dinner.

And Monkey is acting out.

I had a few ideas for posts for today...
Parenting based, like bed wetting, potty training, parenting styles & discipline or gender-role socialization
Craft based, like the crafts I've made recently, the stuffed toys I'm making for my nephew's birthday, and the lack of craft supply stores in my town.
Other ideas, like great hair through the ages, Bras (bras!!! so hard to buy!), movies, books, popular culture, etc...

But I'm too bleeping cranky....

So, coming soon to a blog near you, a blog occupying the same actual space that this blog occupies:
POSTS.... on any of the above topics.... Any preference?

In the meantime, for your amusement here is a funny picture... Enjoy!



SaraLynn said...

Are you still cranky??
Thanks for the posts I appreciate it! I am a tad frustrated with myself. i have baking energy today but my cupbpards are a little empty on the necessary supplies. And I do not have the car today, therefore no way of going to the market!!!! Anyway, I had to see if you are feeling better today. I am interested in all the topics, that's helpful isn't it? If I had to pick, hair styles would be one. I have fine blond hair that goes a few inches past my shoulders. I usually wear it up in a clip. Any ideas? And potty-training a 2 year old. I dont know what to do!
Anyway, happy posting and hope you have a better day!

Lotta said...

Living up to the name of your blog - I love it!