February 1, 2008

Pee-pee (and more pee)

A tiny voice from the direction of the bathroom this morning: "Mommy, I wet my bed. It was a' accident. De pee just sneaked up on me."

Poor Buddy.

Buddy will be 6 this month and we've had many wet bed misadventures since he was potty-trained (potty learned?) at the ripe-old age of 3.

I've read that bed wetting is normal up to around age 5 so I decided I'd ask his doctor about it at his check-up.

His Doctor's advice? She said, "Oh I'm not worried about that. My kids wet the bed consistently until they were around 8 years old. I'm a huge fan of using pull-ups rather than changing a wet bed in the middle of the night." Sigh, I love our Doctor.

Ok, so it's nothing to worry about. Good news.

I have to agree with her about the pull-up vs. wet bed question. I decided a few months ago that using a pull-up every night might be making it easy for Buddy to ignore the need to pee. So I put him to bed without one. He peed at some point during the night, but slept on. He didn't realize he was wet until his alarm-frog, affectionately named "Ribbit-ribbit" went off in the morning.

His wet nights are fairly infrequent now, I'd say we have a wet pull-up about once every two weeks. That's not too bad. A year ago we had wet pull-ups every morning. Progress.

My only worry now is that he'll be embarrassed to wear a pull-up every night. His younger brother, Monkey, who is 3, has been potty trained for a few months and has only had 1 wet night since. He's ready to go to bed without a diaper or a pull-up.

An aside: Monkey decided one day that he was going to use the potty and has been using it ever since. Effort on my part to potty train him? Zero. Monkey? Rocks. (Jen Lancaster - Thank you for? The question mark thing.)

But the self-esteem in Buddy is strong. He's already survived an attack of scorn from his cousin, The Divine-Miss-J, who is a year younger than him. While they were getting jammied she spotted Buddy's pull-up. Her little nose wrinkled up and she said in a voice dripping with the type of disdain only little girls seem capable of, "You wear a DIAPER to bed?"

Standing tall, eyes flashing, Buddy replied, "It's not a diaper. It's a PULL-UP!" Duh.

Thoughts? Advice? How do you help your little ones with the embarrassment that can come with bed wetting?


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