February 18, 2008

My head is about to explode.

Stress? Yup.

So when did everything become my job?

I mean I know I'm responsible for the major research paper I have to write and for my exam. I know I need to do stuff for the kids. I know I should clean and wash dishes and do laundry.

But all that other stuff?

This week I have to:

Find us an apartment in a city that's 1100km away (that's 684 miles for our friends in the USA).

I have to write a major research paper and an exam.

I have to clean and do laundry. This takes up hours of my time everyday. And I hate it.

I have to get the groceries.... Driving to and from the store on icy roads, risking my life and the life of my children's mother (same person in case you didn't catch that).

I have to take care of the kids. Obviously. I think it's actually illegal not to.

I have to cook the meals. Or order take out anyway. Kidding. I see you glaring.

I have to volunteer at the library. This is new. I'm doing the academic stuff and the library volunteering because I want to apply for a Masters of Information Studies at some point and I need to upgrade my GPA and get some references and library experience. But it has me asking myself if there are enough hours in the day for me to improve my quality of life. Aren't I supposed to improve everybody else's first?

I have to go to the gym because I pay for a membership there and if I don't go I'm basically giving money away for free. And if I'm going to give money away I know of some people who could make much better use of it than my gym.

To top off the bucket of stress.... Hubby isn't going to be around this week at all. He's working on a major project at school. So he's gone all day, then every evening he's off working on the project. All week and all of next week... Then he goes away to Toronto to present the major project. So I'm on my own with a very full plate.

My head is going to explode any second now....

The only solution I can see is for me to get a few more husbands. Here's what I want:

I need a house-husband to do the housework.

I need a real-estate husband to find the apartment.

I need a bff husband to hang out and watch reality TV.

I need a masseuse husband for massages, natch.

I need Hubby because he's cute and I love him.

And I'll do the rest.

Ok. So I want 5 husbands. I don't mind if they're male or female, young or old..... whatever. As long as they do their jobs. Is that too much to ask? I. Don't. Think. So.

Isn't life crazy sometimes? Aren't I annoying with all this complaining? Are you stressed out too?
Thoughts? Comments?




Sass E-mum said...

You know what I reckon - choose something you don't want to do, and don't do it. Use the time exactly as you want to.

So for example, don't do laundry for a day (or two if you can manage). The kids won't run out of clothes and they won't notice the machine isn't on.

Accept it's going to pile up - get it done when you can face it in a day (or two!). Go to the gym instead and take your time about it.

Don't want to volunteer at the library - well, wait till Hubby gets back and volunteer then. Why beat yourself up about doing it all.

Make a positive choice to do some of this stuff later, differently or not at all.

SaraLynn said...

I agree with sass e-mum. As for the apartment hunting, perhaps there is an agency that can look into it for you and get back to you on apartments that you may be intereseted in. Then there is someone always looking, but you won't waste hours scouring the ads. If you give then the run down on what you need, they willjust let you know on places that are specific to you.
And as for cooking, I love to do it, but there are days when take-out is the answer to keeping your sanity about having to do one more thing!

p.s. thanks for all of your lovely comments on my blog!

A said...

Having just submitted my PhD thesis, and sorting out a thousand other things, I know EXACTLY what you mean! Of course I don't have kids to worry about, so your blog inspires me to stop complaining and remember there's others in the same boat, weighed down with even more responsibility!

Best of luck with the research paper and the exam.