February 24, 2008

An Early Morning Conversation

Buddy: Mommy, I want to tell you a story.

Me: Okay.

Buddy: One day there was Mario and Awigi and Princess Peach. And sometimes Princess Peach got captured. Sometimes if Mario and Awigi weren't lookin' or were lookin' the wrong way or if Princess Peach was lookin' the wrong way, Princess Peach would get captured. One time Princess Peach was lookin' the wrong way and got captured.

And it was Dragor! And he put her in the the room at the top of his tallest tower. Mario and Awigi went to save Princess Peach. And on his way to the castle he dropped by at the cave to get Cabin to help him out.

Me: Who's Cabin?

Buddy: You know, Cabin.

Me: Cabin?

Buddy: No, CABIN!

Hubby: (clarifying and translating from the other room) Cavin from Gummi Bears.

Me: Oh! Okay, go on.

Buddy: Mario and Awigi went through the wrong door and that's where they found themselves standing at a dead end where there's a blue pipe that took them to a secret room. Then they found a bunny standing by a one-up, then they saw a six-up and they jumped at it. Then they found themselves going down a red pipe and they found it. Then the ogre came out.

Monkey: A ogre! Ha ha!

Buddy: The ogre attacked the tower and it started to shake and all kinds of turtles were glowing away.

Me: They were glowing away?

Buddy: NO! They were goin' aWAY. IN. A. WAY. Like aliens use. You know, piu, piu, piu (high pitched alien ray gun noise). Go in, not glowing. If they were glowing they'd be golden. But they were golden in the ray.

Me: Oh! They were going in a ray.

Buddy: Yeah. Then Princess Peach jumped out in a boat. It's good because the ray can't affect wood only water and brick. The turtles fell in the water and then they were normal again. Mario and Awigi were helped by a bunch of bunnies and Cabin was at the top of a hill fighting the ogre with a giant chicken leg and chicken balls.

Hubby: (drawn into the bedroom by the unfolding drama of Buddy's narrative) He had a plate of Chinese Food and he used the giant chicken leg like a bat to hit the chicken balls at the ogre.

Buddy: Yeah!

Hubby: And it hit the ogre in the eye.

Buddy: In both eyes!

Hubby: Ow! Ow! And then he couldn't open his eyes because the chicken balls were covered in sticky red sauce.

Buddy: Ha ha! Yeah! And Mario, Awigi and Princess Peach get away.

And then Awigi gets captured. Whoa! Because Awigi is like a prince or a king. Actually Mario is the king. The. End.

Buddy tells me that this story is based on a dream he had last night. I think, maybe, this dream was inspired by too much Super Mario Galaxy and too much TV.

Or, perhaps, by a lack of his usual Mario diet. He wasn't allowed to play video games yesterday. I took them away Friday evening, after he went through a particularly spectacular string of not listening ('not listening' is my greatest, most frequent, Buddy-related parenting issue). Buddy loves video games and usually spends some time on Saturday playing Mario and the new game he got for his birthday, Cosmic Family, so I expected a show of disappointment at having them banned for the day. But, when I told him, "No video games tomorrow," his response was, "I don't care. I don't need video games anyway."

Buddy, who turned 6 this month, is way ahead of his time. He's already adopting the attitude of a 13 year old.

But now I can see that he was right. He doesn't need video games. He'll get around my "no video games" rule. He'll simply dream about them instead of playing them. Outsmarted again! Woe is me.

My best laughing Buddy



Sass E-mum said...

I wouldn't need TV if I had a Buddy in the house!

He sounds amazing. Can I have one?

SaraLynn said...

Too Cute!

Beck said...

He's a doll!
My son told my husband a very, very long story yesterday about Sponge Bob....

Elaine A. said...

That's an awesome picture!

Kids crack me up with their stories!

echoeve said...

I think the story is just so funny. I love a good story all mixed up told by a child.

They never can get enough of the video games can they.

Lily Pad Mom said...

I'm really impressed you could remember all of that! What a great imagination he has.