February 26, 2008

The Story of an Extraordinary Internet Diva

Have you heard of internet sensation Leslie Hall?

Photo Courtesy of Hefty Hideaway.com

Leslie Hall's climb to internet stardom began in 2000 with her collection of Gem Sweaters. Hall picked up her 1st gem sweater, from a bin at a used clothing store, to wear to a high school dance. She instantly fell in love with its sparkly glamour. As her collection grew, she decided to share her sweaters with the world so that people could, "view them in a natural setting" in order to save them from being, "neglected and forgotten." So she created a website in their honour. The website features a series of photos of Hall wearing the sweaters along with gold spandex pants, 80's style hair and makeup, and a blank facial expression. Each photo is labeled with the sweater's name, which was lovingly bestowed upon it by Hall at the time of its purchase.

Leslie Hall Wearing "Midnight Roller Coaster"
Photo courtesy of Hall's Gem Sweater Gallery

Hall found that many of the visitors to her Gem Sweaters website were commenting on her gold spandex pants more than on the sweaters themselves. Picking up on her pants' popularity, Hall decided to form a hip hop band, Leslie and the LYs, in order to further promote them. She cut an album, entitled Gold Pants, and sold it over the internet out of her bedroom/office. In 2004, Hall produced her first internet video, Gold Pants Lullaby, in which she tells the story of her rise to fame on the internet in her own words:

Leslie and the LYs have produced 3 albums to date, Gold Pants in 2005 , Door Man's Daughter in 2006, and CeWEBrity in 2008. Leslie and the LYs are currently on tour. You can check for concert dates at their website or at Leslie Hall's MySpace page.

Leslie and the LYs
Photo courtesy of the Leslie Hall Flickr group

Here's another of Hall's videos, from her CeWEBrity album, How We Go:

Hall is also touring with her Gem Sweater Museum:

Many of Hall's fans show up to her concerts wearing their own gem sweaters. You can too! All you need is a sweater and a Bedazzler with which to decorate it. Who wouldn't want a gem sweater? I know I do! For other great Leslie Hall memorabilia, check out her online store, Hefty Hideaway.com, where you can order her albums and other great Leslie Hall items. My two favourites are the Periodic Table of Gem Sweaters Pen (which features a pull out chart of the Gem Sweaters Gallery) and the truly fabulous Jezebel Lightning poster.

I love Leslie Hall for her humour, her guts, her creativity, and her drive. Lots of people do. Her video, How We Go, became one of the most watched on the internet. And if you don't love her, that's okay too. According to Hall, in a 2007 article at Wired.com, "Any response is fun, I have to say. Plus, I don't think they'd say it to my face. And if they don't get it, who needs 'em? I have 800,000 other internet friends, all virtually loving me."

What do you think of Leslie Hall? Who is your favourite internet celebrity?

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It's a rare occasion. Mark your calendars... I'm speechless.

The Barber Bunch said...

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