April 21, 2006

Nobody is reading this anyway

Well it's been MONTHS since I've posted anything... for someone who likes to write and who wants to write I sure manage to avoid doing any writing.

News in my life:

I guess a lot changes in a few months and a lot stays the same. Since November when I last posted my husband has found a job for the summer in a law firm in another city, which means moving for the summer, but I'm looking forward to it, I like exploring new places. We're subletting a furnished apartment so moving should be relatively easy. We just need our clothes and a bed for the baby. We're moving in about a week-and-a-half. Husband is writing finals right now so he's spending most of his time studying. Also, we all have colds so things are pretty grim. So if this post doesn't show my usual vigor or vim, just chalk it up to near total exhaustion.

But, we took a nice family vacation around march break time to a beautiful beachy place. We had a great time. It was fun and relaxing and we were able to spend lots of time together. I'd really like to travel more. Right now we don't really have the money to do it and by the time we're advanced in our careers enough to have the money, we won't have the time. Lah-di-dah that's the way it goes, I guess. Everyone else, I'm sure could say the same thing. Except most of them didn't get to take a nice family vacation so I have no complaints.

Still, I mean I've never focused on career, I've been focused on my family for the past few years and now that it's time to figure career out, I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm thinking I might be a teacher. The problem is that I never really got along with my teachers, at least when I was little. They never understood me... well, that's what my parents tell me anyway, I always just felt that they were old and bitter and mean. So that's my residual impression of teachers in general, I know this is an unfair prejudice and that it's silly and that all the people I know who are teachers are nice people.... but I don't want to be old and bitter and mean. But on the other hand, if I have any spacy, imaginative kids in my class who are generally misunderstood by the school system and don't fit the mould maybe I could work with them and help them out.

I don't know, and I'm pretty busy right now just living day to day and trying to keep up with the laundry.... if I have an arch-nemesis, it's the laundry. I'll post more soon, when I'm in a better mood. Don't worry, though. I'm smiling on the inside, you just can't see it right now. xoxo.


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